About us

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story
inside you.”
-Maya Angelou

It’s ironic how people listened only when we spoke without consequence, and now when we have significant matters to talk about, we remain unheard. Our dull, monotonous lives bear little to no excitement, forgive the pessimism, and we are all confined to the screens of our devices. Some of the lucky ones actually got to see a few of their friends, but not all of us are that fortunate. The pandemic has taken the world by surprise and it has been a bumpy ride, but it’s time for us to look past the cruel jokes the world is playing on us and carry on with this vexing journey called life.

We don’t sugarcoat anything here and this newsletter acts as a platform where all the budding writers in our world can showcase their talents. It is a place for all those who cannot speak to be spoken for, and we look at it as our solemn duty to maintain the authenticity of truth. 

Each of us here strive to inspire change in the world, and words are our way of taking a step towards the same.

Introducing our Editors

Editor-In-Chief: Siya Girisaballa

Editor of Opinionated Editorials: Lubna Asif

Editor of Features: Pia Dhar

Editor of Creative Writing: Prakhar Verma

Editor of Sports and Daily Column: Aaditt Goswaamii