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A Problem Everywhere

A Problem Everywhere

The belief that racial features are a fundamental determinant of human traits and capabilities, a system hinged on a prejudice that may take a hurtful form and humiliate others, is called racism. Humiliation, intentionally hurting another’s dignity, indifference towards people’s needs, and lack of knowledge give birth to racism, and what we call xenophobia. Discriminatory practices, racial profiling, police brutality, and so on contribute to this wrongful system. Discrimination is the root cause of conflicts people are experiencing all around the world at the present moment.

Racism and xenophobia are universal issues – no matter where you are, you will always find some sort of related intolerance, and it almost feels inescapable. When asked to participate in a study regarding racial discrimination, 101 black teens said that they had experienced over 5600 types of racial discrimination in a short span of two weeks  It’s an extremely important issue that needs to be addressed and solved. Many countries across the world have taken steps to combat racism like funding programs helping eradicate racism, spreading awareness, creating and implementing laws. All these measures have made the situation better but have not completely eradicated this social evil.

A few possible solutions that can help us evolve into a society that has no place for such intolerance –

  • Call out racist jokes or statements
  • Celebrate other cultures
  • Teach children kindness and remove the racist mentality from the mind
  • Stand up for people being harassed
  • Support human rights organizations
  • Raise awareness.

  • Sometimes, when someone faces this sort of humiliation and takes a stand by filing a case, it is not given importance over other crimes and is not considered a priority hence justice is delayed, which justice is denied. This should not happen and policies should be made to provide justice to these issues as soon as possible.
  • Employees should be assigned by the government to spread information and educate people at schools and offices to encourage students and workers to decrease their gaps, if any, and help them understand the importance of equality.
  • Bots and people should be appointed to assist people who are facing hate online on all social media platforms to help people take immediate action against haters.
  • Show solidarity – people should support others who face this issue and help them take a stand, should support organizations that are working to combat racism and xenophobia, educate people about the issue, and how they can show support.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights and that we all have the right to a life free from discrimination and degrading treatment. We shall stand by this! One thing that we would like to throw some light on is that we have started a foundation for this cause, we are trying to educate people about certain issues that would help us achieve a better society, the name of the foundation is Path To Human Kindness, any of your support would help us reach a larger audience and deliver our best!

Devisha Aneja and Saanvi Gupta

Path to Human Kindness was founded by two teenagers who believe that education is of core importance when it comes to combatting social intolerance. The initiative aims to educate people around the globe about major social issues that we, as humans, must not ignore.

For more, check out their Instagram page and walk with them on the path towards a kinder, more accepting world!

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