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The Girl in the White Dress

The Girl in the White Dress

He was unhappy. That is how he ended up here, in this awfully white hospital room. Looking around the room he saw a family photo beside the bed on the side table. How amusing. Those familiarly unfamiliar faces smiling for the camera, looking like a big fat joyful family.

He was being taken for therapy when he was the most normal member of the family. How ironic. The sound of someone entering the room brought him back from his thoughts. There stood a panting girl in a white dress, beads of sweat covered her forehead. Do I know her? “Get up! We need to leave right now! We don’t have time!”

“Excuse me do I know you?’’ He asked frantically, but in vain as the girl grabbed his hand and pulled him from the bed. He could barely wear his slippers as she pulled him out of the room and started running through the corridors. “HEY! STOP RIGHT THERE! GUARDS! STOP THOSE TWO KIDS!” The boy turned around only to see two nurses running after them. He was in trouble for something he didn’t even cause. “DON’T LOOK! JUST KEEP RUNNING!” The girl shouted as they reached the emergency exit of the building.

They got out and surprisingly, they had gotten rid of the hospital staff. The girl left the boy’s hand and suddenly started laughing. “Do you find all this funny?! Who are you? Why did take me away from the hospital?” The boy had millions of questions in his head.

“Right. Hi, I’m Hannah.” Hannah spoke amidst her giggles. She offered her hand. He should’ve probably run back to the hospital but somehow found himself shaking the girl’s hand. “Lucas.” He introduced himself.

“Can you please explain what just happened? You could be a psychopath for all I know.” Lucas spoke as he took a step behind. Hannah chuckled, shaking her head as she gestured him to follow her. “Follow me. I’ll explain everything along the way.”

Lucas, still sceptical, followed the girl. They stopped in front of an old Chevrolet. “Get in,” Hannah said before sitting placing herself behind the steering wheel. Lucas got in. He didn’t like to hang out with those stupid hospital people anyway, going somewhere with a stranger seemed the better albeit less safer choice.

“Seat belt on please. Safety first.”

“Right.” He didn’t care about his safety or his life, but something told Lucas that she’d probably kill him herself if he didn’t. “Do you wanna know why I made you run away from the hospital?” She asked as she started driving.

“I’m not crazy enough to follow you around without getting a reason.” He replied, fidgeting with his fingers. Hannah took a sharp left as she spoke,“I heard you did something stupid to end up in the hospital. Why did you do it?”. “Science experiment” Lucas scoffed. “Hannah, I don’t think I need to explain why I tried killing myself. I didn’t want to live.” He commented sarcastically. Hannah replied with a chuckle “Well seeing that you’re still alive, you basically just wasted your time.”

“I’m sorry. Blame me for being inexperienced. I’ll try harder next time.”

“Forget it. This is a one-time thing. No second chances.”
Lucas scoffed at the girl’s words. “And who are you to decide what I do?” The girl sighed. “ I am Hannah. I remember introducing myself to you a while ago.” Lucas looked at the girl dumbstruck. Did she- “That is not what I meant Hannah.” Still giggling are her bad joke she shut off the engine. “We are here! Come on!” Lucas looked around. They were on an empty road covered with trees from either side. Where were they? He had never seen this place before. He followed Hannah as she stepped out the treeline into what seemed like heaven.

Lucas couldn’t believe what he saw. A scenery that could only exist in books. They were at a beach, the sand as white and soft as snow. The sky was ethereal. A lavender, golden and pink hue. The silent waves complimenting the soft breeze. The water glistened as if it was decorated with pearls.

“Pretty isn’t it? Come sit.” Hannah patted on the sand beside her and the guy sat down. “Lucas, are you a jock? You look ripped!” Hannah whistled making them both laugh. “Yeah. I play Rugby. I got into UCLA with a sports scholarship.”

“And you wanna die?! You would miss out on so much! Think about your future!” Lucas’s smile dropped. “Stop acting as if you know me. I feel like I’m being stabbed as I live each day. I am not happy any more.”

“How do you even know what it feels like to be stabbed?” Lucas had no words. “I- I don’t.” Lucas looked over at the girl who laughed. If this was how it felt like, boy, Lucas was in love. Hannah was different. He just knew she would save him from his sorrows. For the first time in ages, he felt like he didn’t wanna be sad any more. The two spent the whole night talking, laughing, arguing. Hannah dropped Lucas at his place before promising him that she’ll come back for him soon.

Lucas didn’t see Hannah for the next two weeks until she appeared in front of his college and took him away again. This continued for five months. Hannah would come to meet Lucas out of the blue. The duo had gotten extremely close. He was never sure when he would meet her again. Hannah was an enigma Lucas wanted to decipher. Lucas fell harder for Hannah the more they met. He wanted to be with her forever.

One day Hannah came back wearing a white dress. This was after three weeks. Three weeks after Lucas had confessed his feelings for her. Three weeks after she ran away leaving him hanging and scared. “Hi. Come on I really need to take you somewhere.” Lucas wanted to shout at her. He wanted to say no, but there he was, following Hannah like a lost puppy.

They drove to the same beach where they went all those months ago, when they first met each other. “Do you think it’s okay for you to leave randomly, leave me hanging and worried and then decide it’s okay for you to come back again?” Lucas snapped.

“I’m sorry. I just- Lucas, you can’t have these feelings for me. I was just trying to help a dying boy become human again.” Hannah spoke. Lucas’s heart shattered. Tears started rolling down his face. “I don’t understand. I love you Hannah. Am I not good enough?” His voice cracked. Hearing the boy, made Hannah’s heart drop. “No! No! Don’t say that Lucas! You are an amazing person. I’ve never seen a guy like you! It’s just me. Your feelings towards me have to go!”


“What do you mean No?! Lucas why don’t you understand?! We cannot feel for each other that way!” Lucas still frustrated shouted,“I don’t understand? Yes okay, you are right! I don’t! I don’t understand why you come to hang out with me, take me to places and then vanish into thin dust!”


Lucas didn’t let her finish. He lost control of all his emotions. They flowed out off him.“Yet still! I love you like a fool! Cause you make me feel alive! You gave me a reason to live! YOU ARE MY REASON TO LIVE! SO WHY CAN’T YOU LOVE ME BACK?!”


Silence. None of them even took a breath. What did Hannah just say? “Wha- what do you mean?” Hannah’s eyes were wide with fear. “Lucas. I need to go. I’m sorry. Please forget me.” Hannah got up in alarm. Out of reflex, Lucas stood up and held Hannah back.

“What do you mean?! Where are you going this time!” Lucas shouted.

“I’m sorry. Y- you weren’t supposed to find out. But I guess it’s time.” Hannah was now crying. What had she done? She was about to hurt the boy even more. But she knew it was for the best. “Lucas, listen to me. Get healthy. Follow your dreams. Your girl in a white dress will come soon. But you have to forget me.”

“No! You aren’t going anywhere! I’m not letting you!” Lucas tightened his grip around Hannah’s arm. Having no choice Hannah hugged Lucas tight. “Thank you for everything Lucas. I love you too. But it’s time to wake up.” She ran her fingers through his hair. Her shoulder was wet with Lucas’s tears of heartbreak. Hannah smiled through the pain.

“Wake up.” She whispered in his ears.

Lucas opened his eyes, the white light blinding him. He could hear the subtle beeping sound of a monitor. When his eyes focused, he saw a nurse saying something he couldn’t quite hear. He could see commotion in the room when a doctor entered the room along with his mother who was crying and his twin brother sobbing behind his mother.

“Lucas, Lucas can you hear me?”

“Hannah… Where is Hannah?” Lucas whispered. His throat was dry. How did he end up here when he was with Hannah a moment ago. “Lucas who is Hannah?” The doctor asked before looking at his mother and his brother. His brother came forward and held his hand. “Elijah where am I? Where is Hannah?!” Lucas frantically started looking around. “Lucas calm down! You were in Coma for 6 months! And you don’t know any Hannah! You must be imagining things!” Elijah explained as he held his brother by his shoulders to calm him down.

“No! No! No! She exists! I was with her! I’ve felt her! She is re-” He saw the look on his brother’s face. Pity. Apologetic. Guilt. Lucas fell back on the bed. “I’m sorry,” Elijah whispered.

Hannah stood on the beach sobbing. The sun had set. She stared at the ocean in front of her. If only she existed.

“I’m sorry Lucas.”


– Yashasvini Mohapatra

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